Ceiling Speakers | Home Ceiling Speakers | Ceiling Mount Speakers | manufacturer supplier Wholesale Distributors OEM ODM-ceilingspeakers.org Ceiling Speakers manufacturer and Home Ceiling Speakers supplier also Wholesale Distributors OEM ODM-over 5122 ,Ceiling Mount Speakers,Roof Speakers,House Ceiling Speakers buyers around the world at ceilingspeakers.org http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/ Mon, 13 Aug 2018 06:15:22 -0600 Ceiling Tile Speakers <img src='productpic/ps_1bje1470213998.jpg' /><br>CS-3003NI is the traditional type of small rounded ceiling speaker. It has been used a lot with modern style construction. Since it is small, it has a great compatibility with all kind of different style of room. Also its color can be customized according to your needs. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/ceiling-tile-speakers.html Ceiling Tile Speakers http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_1bje1470213998.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/ceiling-tile-speakers.html Stereo Ceiling Speakers <img src='productpic/ps_0da01470214087.jpg' /><br>CSD-35FD is a A/B 2 lines ceiling speaker. This model has passed the European fire security standard EN-54-24. Since this speaker has 2 lines, one speaker can be the backup for the other in case the one is failed. This products has been used a lot in Germany. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/stereo-ceiling-speakers.html Stereo Ceiling Speakers http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_0da01470214087.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/stereo-ceiling-speakers.html Speaker Ceiling <img src='productpic/ps_ulnu1470214135.jpg' /><br>CSE-5206 is our unique designed fast installation ceiling speaker. Our design makes the installation become much easier, faster, and safer. It only take 5 seconds to have the speaker installed comparing to the traditional ceiling speaker that required minutes for making one done. Imaging in a big project that how many times and costs can be saved by using our CSE series product. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/speaker-ceiling.html Speaker Ceiling http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_ulnu1470214135.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/speaker-ceiling.html Indoor Ceiling Speakers <img src='productpic/ps_xwi41470214185.jpg' /><br>CWP-400 is a waterproof ceiling speaker. It is ideally to used for the location such as bathroom and the places that has humid weather. It also has a very advanced mechanic design that makes its installation become very easy, which saves a lot of times and labor costs. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/indoor-ceiling-speakers.html Indoor Ceiling Speakers http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_xwi41470214185.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/indoor-ceiling-speakers.html Speaker Column <img src='productpic/ps_5byi1470214626.jpg' /><br>CLN-3204 is a professional column loudspeaker. It is equipped with four 3.5" woofer speaker units and one 3.25" Tweeter unit. This product is made for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is designed to be waterproof with IP 66 rating. Cotina has 30 years experiences of developing high quality speakers, and has developed a special technology that enhanced this speaker to have unbeatable sound quality. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/speaker-column.html Speaker Column http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_5byi1470214626.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/speaker-column.html Column Loudspeakers <img src='productpic/ps_qc051470214665.jpg' /><br>CLN-3306 is a professional column loudspeaker. It has 7 speaker units inside which ensure the clarity and the volume of the sound that can be delivered to the audiences. It is ideal for indoor use such as churches, museum and department stores. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/column-loudspeakers.html Column Loudspeakers http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_qc051470214665.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/column-loudspeakers.html Column Loudspeaker <img src='productpic/ps_psww1470214713.jpg' /><br>CLN-3408 is a professional column loudspeaker. There are eight 3.5" woofer speaker units and one 3.25" Tweeter unit inside. This speaker is a great sound product for churches and has been used a lot in European churches market. And is has a universal mounting bracket which makes it very easy to install. The most important feature for this product is that it has a very outstanding sound performance because of our special sound tuning technology. You must listen to it! http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/column-loudspeaker.html Column Loudspeaker http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_psww1470214713.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/column-loudspeaker.html Speaker Columns <img src='productpic/ps_dzp81470214762.jpg' /><br>CLN-3151 is a professional column loudspeaker. It is made of one 3.5" woofer speaker unit and one 3.25" Tweeter unit. This product has IP 66 rating which makes it capable to use for outdoor applications. By 30 years of sound developing experiences, Cotina has developed a new sound technology that endowed this speaker with a very outstanding sound performance. You must listen to it! http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/speaker-columns.html Speaker Columns http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_dzp81470214762.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/speaker-columns.html Speaker Horn <img src='productpic/ps_cpfq1473399874.jpg' /><br>CS-5MHC is a professional rounded plastic music horn speaker. It has two different models, one can support to 30 Watt power while the other can support up to 60 watt power. This speaker is designed to be used for outdoor applications so it has a IP 66 waterproof rating. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/speaker-horn.html Speaker Horn http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_cpfq1473399874.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/speaker-horn.html Plastic Horn Speaker <img src='productpic/ps_2hw31473399888.jpg' /><br>CS-5HT is a professional plastic music horn speaker. It has one 5 inch P.P Coating high density rubber surrounds speaker unit and one very high efficiency tweeter inside. Comparing to traditional horn speaker, its special mechanic design provide a great performance on both lower and higher frequency range. Which makes it sounds a lot softer while playing music. It has been greatly used in European large stadiums. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/plastic-horn-speaker.html Plastic Horn Speaker http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_2hw31473399888.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/plastic-horn-speaker.html Outdoor Horn Speakers <img src='productpic/ps_kfmb1473400140.jpg' /><br>CS-6HT60 is a professional plastic outdoor use music horn speaker. It has one 6.5 inch P.P coating rubber surround speaker unit and a high efficiency tweeter inside. This horn speaker can provide up to maximum power of 60 watt which makes it capable to be used in a very large space such as football stadium. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/outdoor-horn-speakers.html Outdoor Horn Speakers http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_kfmb1473400140.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/outdoor-horn-speakers.html Outdoor Horn <img src='productpic/ps_5onb1473400174.jpg' /><br>CS-6HT30 is a professional plastic music horn speaker. It has a 6.5 inch P.P coating rubber surround speaker unit and a high efficiency tweeter inside. It has different types of power selection, 3.75 watt, 7.5 watt, 15 watt, and 30 watt. This speaker has IP 66 rating which makes it a perfect outdoor use speaker. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/outdoor-horn.html Outdoor Horn http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_5onb1473400174.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/outdoor-horn.html Waterproof Horn Speaker <img src='productpic/ps_ffyz1470215094.jpg' /><br>PHP-100TBS is a professional plastic power horn speaker. It has two power rated options, 60 watt and 100 watt. Its frequency response is from 300 Hz to 9kHz. And it also has a maximum SPL to 106 dB. This product is featured with IP 66 which means it is waterproof and can be used for outdoor applications. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/waterproof-horn-speaker.html Waterproof Horn Speaker http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_ffyz1470215094.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/waterproof-horn-speaker.html Power Horn <img src='productpic/ps_1ozv1470215236.jpg' /><br>PHS-61T20BS is a professional plastic power horn speaker. It can support up to 20 watt while the sound pressure level is 106 dB. The frequency response is from 350 Hz to 9kHz. This product is certified by EU fire security regulation "EN-54-24". http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/power-horn.html Power Horn http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_1ozv1470215236.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/power-horn.html Horn Type Speaker <img src='productpic/ps_jub01470215276.jpg' /><br>PHS-81T30BS is a professional power horn speaker. It is made by fire proof ABS plastic and has the certificate of EN 54-24 which is the EU standard regulation of fire security system. We do supply different mounting bracket as customers' requests. The options are Stainless bracket or Aluminum bracket. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/horn-type-speaker.html Horn Type Speaker http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_jub01470215276.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/horn-type-speaker.html Horn Outdoor <img src='productpic/ps_rh1p1470215385.jpg' /><br>PHS-126T60BS is a professional plastic power horn speaker. It has 112dB sound pressure level at maximum. And its frequency response is from 230 Hz to 9 kHz. Since this is designed for outdoor applications, so it also has IP 66 water proof rating. This product is also being certified by EU fire security regulation EN-54-24. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/horn-outdoor.html Horn Outdoor http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_rh1p1470215385.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/horn-outdoor.html Sound Projector <img src='productpic/ps_45l91470215447.jpg' /><br>CS-220 is a bi-directional snooper scope type public address sound projector. It has two 5 1/4 inch full range speaker units inside. 10 watt, 15 watt, and 20 watt power selections are all available. It is a indoor speaker and very popular to be used in stadium and gym. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/sound-projector.html Sound Projector http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_45l91470215447.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/sound-projector.html Speaker Projector <img src='productpic/ps_699t1470215480.jpg' /><br>CS-115 is a single directional snooper scope type public address sound projector. It has one 5 1/4 inch full range speaker unit inside. It has three different power selection, 5 watt, 10 watt, and 15 watt. It is ideal for indoor use, can be used in underground rail road station. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/speaker-projector.html Speaker Projector http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_699t1470215480.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/speaker-projector.html Projector Speaker <img src='productpic/ps_fdkb1470215531.jpg' /><br>SPJ-52WH is aluminum bi-directional sound projector. It has two 5 inch P.P coating and Myalr HC speaker units inside. With our special mechanic design, this speaker is capable to have waterproof function with IP 66 rating. It is ideal to be used for outdoor such as park, railroad station. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/projector-speaker.html Projector Speaker http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_fdkb1470215531.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/projector-speaker.html Projector Sound <img src='productpic/ps_k8r1470215576.jpg' /><br>SPJ-53WH is a single direction aluminum sound projector. It has one 5 inch P.P coating and mylar HC speaker unit inside. This speaker is designer for outdoor applications; therefore it is designed to have waterproof capability. It's waterproof rating is IP 66. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/projector-sound.html Projector Sound http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_k8r1470215576.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/projector-sound.html Wall Mount Stereo Speakers <img src='productpic/ps_wbuf1470215766.jpg' /><br>CS-651WT is a professional wall mount speaker. It has one 6.5 inch full range, dual cone sound speaker unit inside. It has 3 different kind of power mode, which are 1.5 watt, 3 watt, and 6 watt. CS-651WTV is a extended model that has the volume control. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/wall-mount-stereo-speakers.html Wall Mount Stereo Speakers http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_wbuf1470215766.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/wall-mount-stereo-speakers.html Wall Mount Audio Speakers <img src='productpic/ps_76u91470215814.jpg' /><br>CS-652 WT is a professional A/B two Lines wall mount speaker. It has 2 4 inch full range speaker units inside. It has three different kind of the power mode, which are 1.5 watt, 3 watt, and 6 watt. It's A/B two lined designed can make sure there will be one speaker always function, which bring the fire security to a higher level standard. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/wall-mount-audio-speakers.html Wall Mount Audio Speakers http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_76u91470215814.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/wall-mount-audio-speakers.html ​Wall Mount Powered Speakers <img src='productpic/ps_fvv1470215925.jpg' /><br>CT-315BTB is a professional bass reflex 2 way wall mount cabinet speaker. It has one 3.5 inch woofer and one 13 mm dome tweeter inside which produce an excellent sound quality. We provide two different colors for selection, black and white. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/wall-mount-powered-speakers.html ​Wall Mount Powered Speakers http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_fvv1470215925.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/wall-mount-powered-speakers.html Powered Wall Mount Speakers <img src='productpic/ps_0e3p1470215969.jpg' /><br>CT-552 is a professional bass reflex two way wall mount cabinet speaker. It has one high quality woofer and one 14mm dome tweeter inside to produce a crystal clear high end sound. It also comes with a universal directional steel bracket that makes it become very easy to be installed and very easy to adjust the angel. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/powered-wall-mount-speakers.html Powered Wall Mount Speakers http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_0e3p1470215969.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/powered-wall-mount-speakers.html Ear Microphone <img src='productpic/ps_46li1470216062.jpg' /><br>NHS-777 is a duel ear headset microphone. It has a professional sound quality that makes audience can clearly hear the voice from the stage host. Its feather weight design that makes users feels very comfortable when using it which provides a outstanding user experiences. Our special mechanic design also makes this product pass the waterproof test and has an IP 66 certificate. We are also capable of providing any kind of wireless connectors for the product according to customers' requests. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/ear-microphone.html Ear Microphone http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_46li1470216062.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/ear-microphone.html Head Microphone <img src='productpic/ps_l6z61470216095.jpg' /><br>NHS-778 is a professional dual ear headset microphone. Comparing to the single ear headset microphone, its dual ear design makes it can be hold on the position very tightly. This model has a detachable cable design, this means one same microphone can share with many different kind of connectors. In other words this saves a lot of cost for people who own different types of wireless microphone systems. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/head-microphone.html Head Microphone http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_l6z61470216095.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/head-microphone.html Headset Microphone <img src='productpic/ps_xrr61470216128.jpg' /><br>NHS717 is a professional dual ear headset microphone. It is designed to be used for exercise such as gym, yoga training ect.. It has the features of waterproof and sweat proof to protect the microphone to be damaged by the sweat while exercising. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/headset-microphone.html Headset Microphone http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_xrr61470216128.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/headset-microphone.html Dual Ear Headset <img src='productpic/ps_0k2a1470216163.jpg' /><br>NHS 768 is a professional dual ear headset microphone. The dual ear design that makes users can wear this product on the head without any uncomfortable experiences. And its foldable ear hanger design makes it very easy to be housed in any storage spaces. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/dual-ear-headset.html Dual Ear Headset http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_0k2a1470216163.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/dual-ear-headset.html Microphone Ear <img src='productpic/ps_h2ki1470216293.jpg' /><br>NHS680-2 is a newly designed headset microphone that has most innovated solution that used to solve the problem that traditional single headset microphone has. The traditional single ear headset microphone is be criticized that it is very hard to stay tightly on the ear while using it. But with this NHS680-2, its double wires design makes it being clipped between the ear and the head which insure the microphone stay on the ear tightly even when users are doing exercise like running. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/microphone-ear.html Microphone Ear http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_h2ki1470216293.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/microphone-ear.html Earphone Mic <img src='productpic/ps_upmq1470216405.jpg' /><br>NHS-640 is a professional signal ear headset microphone. It can be equipped with both uni directional and omni directional microphone element depend on customers' requests. Its special mechanic design that makes it pass the waterproof tests and have the IP 66 certificate, but please note that this only work for omni type. This model also has a detachable feature, which makes this product to be able to connect with any different brands' wireless system.<br /> http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/earphone-mic.html Earphone Mic http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_upmq1470216405.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/earphone-mic.html Ear Headset Microphone <img src='productpic/ps_tyeu1470216466.jpg' /><br>NHS 660 is a professional single ear designed headset microphone. It is low profile that becomes a perfect choice for people who needs to wear headset microphone while having any kind of the performances on the stage. And it is also light weighted that feel very comfortable when wearing it. It is ideal for lectures, speech, and any kind of vocal activities. It also pass the waterproof test that has a IP 66 certificate. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/ear-headset-microphone.html Ear Headset Microphone http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_tyeu1470216466.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/ear-headset-microphone.html Single Ear Microphone <img src='productpic/ps_op101470216526.jpg' /><br>NHS 680 is an innovated single ear head microphone ever. Many people are tired of using single ear headset microphone because they know it cannot tightly stay on the ear when using it, somehow it drop out and become very annoying. With this NHS 680, its double wires design makes it being clipped between the ear and the head which insure the microphone stay on the ear tightly even when users are doing exercise like running. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/single-ear-microphone.html Single Ear Microphone http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_op101470216526.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/single-ear-microphone.html Neck Microphone <img src='productpic/ps_0sxj1470216647.jpg' /><br>NHS-800 is a professional neck microphone. It has two microphone elements, one on right side and the other one on the left side to ensure the speaker's voice can be clearly pick up even while they turns their head around. The product is ideally to be used for lecturing. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/neck-microphone.html Neck Microphone http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_0sxj1470216647.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/neck-microphone.html Jewel Microphone <img src='productpic/ps_rynt1470216684.jpg' /><br>NHS-850W is a professional necklace microphone. It is designed to be used for people who want to make the microphone to be hidden so the audiences won't see it. Its accessories can be exchange by the user so user can equip any kind of the fashion accessories to match their wearing style. http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/jewel-microphone.html Jewel Microphone http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_rynt1470216684.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/jewel-microphone.html Microphone Chain <img src='productpic/ps_roh71487398722.jpg' /><br><div align="left"> NHS 851B is a sport style necklace microphone. Comparing to the existing lavaliere microphone, the NHS 851B can provide outstanding sound performance because it is equipped with a 10mm high quality microphone capsule. And with it sport style design; the audiences won't even notice the user's is wearing the microphone, which makes this product to be perfect choices for stage performance applications. </div> http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/microphone-chain.html Microphone Chain http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_roh71487398722.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/microphone-chain.html Invisible Microphone <img src='productpic/ps_pfym1487398761.jpg' /><br>NHS 851B-2 is an innovational microphone that is being developed to solve the problem where users need an invisible microphone. We combine the microphone and necklace to create a necklace microphone, which become part of the users' accessories so audiences won't notice it at all. In other words, it become truly invisible! http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/invisible-microphone.html Invisible Microphone http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/productpic/ps_pfym1487398761.jpg http://www.ceilingspeakers.org/invisible-microphone.html